Please pass the cranberry

We all think about cranberry sauce as a must have for the Thanksgiving dinner. This is also true for the winter fest in Europe.

They are now getting a reputation for their nutrient content and their antioxidants.

Active research is showing possible benefits for the cardiovascular system, immune system and as an anti-cancer agent.

Studies on cranberry juice date back to May 1984, where at the Youngstown State University, researchers found that 15 ounces of cranberry juice significantly inhibited the E.coli bacteria.

Health research on Cramberries

Research on cranberries are yielding natural results for our body and protecting it against many diseases such as:

Urinary Track Infections

Protects our stomach from ulcers

Antioxidants to protect the heart

Dental Health



You can read about the results an findings at the Cranberry Institute.

Science investigates natures good health sources

The University of Illinois published studies in 1996 about the health benefits of cranberries.

Findings at the University of Western Ontario showed a significant reduction of tumor development.

One of the most recognized leaders in the industry is cooperative was established in 1930 through a merger of three primary processing plants and produce over 65% of the market in North America.

They have a very impressive list of milestones and research on the overall effects and benefits of cranberries. Ocean Spray promotes those benefits in their commercials.

Cranberries are full of nutrients and minerals. They are:

Nutrients in raw cranberries

Nutrient Value per 100 grams

Energy 46 kcal

Fiber, total dietary 4.6 g

Sugars, total 4.04 g

Calcium, Ca 8 mg

Magnesium, Mg 6 mg

Phosphorus, P 13 mg

Potassium, K 85 mg

Sodium, Na 2 mg

Vitamin C 13.3 mg

Vitamin A, IU 60 IU

Carotene, beta 36 meg

Lutein +zeaxanthin 91 meg

How do I get enough?

Most cranberry juice on the market is made up of one-third cranberry juice and two-thirds sugar and water.

Sugar is bad for our immune system and should be avoided as much as possible.

Reading the labels becomes very important to make sure of the actual content in cranberry juice.

There are cranberry extract capsules available, but this just adds to the additional tablets or capsules you are already taking for supplements.

An alternative is to take a single supplement that has cranberry puree and 16 other antioxidants.

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