Acerola fruit is one of the richest sources of vitamin C!

Acerola juice is as common and popular in Brazil as orange juice is in North America. In Brazil, this natural remedy is used for fevers and dysentery. It's also used as a stimulant for the liver, an anti-inflammatory, astringent, and to support heart functions as well as to heal wounds.

Our body cannot manufacture vitamin C., It must come from our diet or through supplements. The Acerola fruit is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants and rich in protein and minerals like iron, phosphorus, and calcium.

Fighting free radicals is another benefit which is useful in preventing abnormal growths and fighting cellular aging.

Most of the time when you mention vitamin C, you typically think of oranges. Oranges have 500 to 4,000 parts per million (ppm) of ascorbic acid or better known as vitamin C. Acerola fruit has been tested to find it contains a range of 16,000 to 172,000 ppm of ascorbic acid.

There's also about twice as much magnesium, pantothenic acid, and potassium than oranges. Acerola fruit also contains about the same vitamin A that you can get in carrots.

Get a knockout punch with vitamin C

You need vitamin C in your diet every day. Vitamin C provides for more than 300 different purposes in your body.

Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body as it is water-soluble and you must have a daily intake to make collagen, which is the strong connective tissues that hold your skeleton together, attaches your muscles to the bones, builds strong blood vessels and keeps your skin and organs in place.

Broken bones, sprained joints, cuts, and other injuries heal a lot faster if your body is getting plenty of vitamin C.

Your immune system needs lots of vitamin C to run at peak levels. If you don't get enough vitamin C, you're likely to get sick more often and stay sick longer. Also, vitamin C is vital to manufacture many of the body's hormones.

So why is vitamin C so important in my diet?

Our body cannot function without vitamin C. We cannot manufacture it and it cannot be stored in the body. Vitamin C is essential to our everyday living in our good health. The healing properties of vitamin C can be seen in the following areas:

* Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones

* Helps prevent cancer

* Helps to reduce cholesterol levels

* Helps high blood pressure

* May reduce cholesterol levels

* Helps the immune system

* Helps the growth of and to repair tissues

* Plays an important part in metabolism

* Essential in the aid of collagen formation

* Helps to promote the healing of wounds and burns

* Protects us against the harmful effects of pollution

* Helps protect us against infections

* Protects us against blood clotting and bruising

* Helps to increase the absorption of iron

Is your orange juice really as powerful as Acerola juice?

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin that you can put in your body.

Adding a supplement that will ensure that you have enough vitamin C in your body on a daily basis is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have good health.

Vitamin C is not stored in your body. You must have an intake of vitamin C every day. One of the most powerful sources of vitamin C is the Acerola fruit.

You did get your daily requirement of vitamin C today? Did you add Acerola fruit to your breakfast food this morning?

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