Healthy is Wealthy

by Jack

The adage “Health is Wealth” is quite true. I fully agree that wellness helps you to be happy and concentrate on your work. These two points will make a difference on every aspect of your life. I believe that maintaining good physical health will keep you healthy emotionally and spiritually. You can enjoy life fully, while focusing on your goals and achieving dreams.

I always try to maintain a healthy effective diet. My daily menu contains lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I like lightly steamed vegetables rather than fried stuff. I aim for a well balanced diet and spread my food intake over the day - three meals along with mid- morning and mid-afternoon snacks. I like to eat a variety of foods so that my body can get the nutrients it needs. My skin and hair look great so I know my diet is right. I often congratulate myself for saving huge medical bills by maintaining good health.

As every magazine that I read points out, a daily exercise routine is important. From my own experience, I know that being fit makes a big difference on your overall health. My feet are no longer icy cold as my blood circulation has improved and my bones are getting stronger. I don’t have any back pain, unlike some of my friends who are constantly dealing with spasms and other pains.

Being fit brings freedom. I can eat anything, drink anything and also do anything without thinking much about it. I run for 1 hour every day at the morning, followed by stretching. That helps me to maintain the right weight. Running gets my heart pumping and it’s a great way to burn fat and build up my stamina.

As I get older, it becomes more apparent that if I want to survive and be productive in this busy fast world, it is very important to be fit and healthy. Thanks for the wellness tips!

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