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As you know there are millions of web sites and millions of bits of information on just any subject you ever wanted to read about.

We are using this page for Very Special Links that we have found to be quality information.

Each site will have a short description about their site.

We believe that you will find them informative and also worth while bookmarking for future information.

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Natural Supplements, Natural Remedies, Herbal Supplements. Content original material directed toward achieving a healthy body and mind using natural supplements without the use of prescription drugs.

In order to lose weight you have eat right, exercise, and lift weights. That is basically all there is to it. I've lost almost 100 pounds with proper diet and exercise and you can too.

This site is for my Chiropractic and Acupuncture practice is West Omaha, NE. We focus on wellness care for the entire family. We believe that with the combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional advice/products and physical rehabilitation that we can make people healthier.